Playroom4: 3 to 4 years

Playroom Four accommodates up to sixteen children aged between three and four years with two educators. The large play room allows for the set up of a variety of different spaces in which children can play whilst the regular change to these spaces fosters children’s interest and curiosity. Our outdoor area boasts a spacious and natural environment which fosters children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore. This area also includes a sandpit, cubby house, slide and vegetable garden.

We believe that strong, collaborative relationships between families and staff are vital in contributing to the success of children’s learning and development. Family members are encouraged to share their ideas, experiences and culture with our children and are welcome to participate in our program at any time.

The Early Years Learning Framework guides the development of the educational program for children and focuses on five key areas: identity, community, wellbeing, learning and communication. The engaging program reflects the children’s interests and abilities, as well as any input from families. Educators use their knowledge of child development to offer children the opportunity to practice existing skills as well as challenge them to develop further.

Written reflections of the program highlight some of the experiences provided, child participation and the learning occurring and this is shared with families on a weekly basis. Individual portfolios are another way we share the ongoing learning journey for each individual child with their family.

As a further extension to the program provided, children participate in weekly specialist programs including music and sport programs as well as excursions within the Monash University Campus. In addition to this, many incursions are organised ranging from African drumming to native gardening, to indigenous dance performing. Our parents are greatly encouraged to participate in our program during the special events including book week, science week, NAIDOC week.