Food & Nutrition

Our menu is carefully planned to ensure it reflects the Australian Dietary Guidelines for children.  We provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea with milk offered at meal times (except lunchtime). We cater for any food allergies and dietary restrictions adapting the meals where possible or providing alternative options.  We ask parents to provide a water bottle, which will be refilled throughout the day and available to children at all times.

We also cater for the individual dietary needs for younger babies. We provide pureed or mashed fruits and vegetables at the texture they are able to eat. Parents communicate with educators as new foods or fluids are introduced at home before they are offered to the child in care (this way parents can identify any allergies to new foods).

We have a private feeding area for those wishing to continue breast/chest feeding at the centre. Formula and bottles are supplied by the parents. Once children progress onto cows/soy milk, this is supplied by the centre.

Our chef bakes mini birthday cupcakes to help children celebrate their birthday with their peers at the centre. 

Due to children with allergies and specific dietary restrictions at our centre, parents are not permitted to bring in any types of food into the centre.

Our beef, chicken, and lamb, is halal certified, proudly supplied by CWB at Springvale, and delivered fresh to our centre each week.

Our fresh fruit and vegetables are supplied by Melbourne Product Merchants, sourced from farms on the Mornington Peninsula, across Victoria, and interstate throughout Australia.

Our other food supplies and pantry products are supplied by Melbourne Food Distributors in Clayton, who we have partnered with for many years.