Playroom 1: 6 weeks to 13 months

Playroom One cares for our youngest children aged from six weeks up until around eighteen months of age. This room accommodates a maximum of ten children with up to three educators whose main focus is providing a warm and caring environment where children feel safe and secure. The open indoor play area has direct access to our natural outdoor environment. In addition two separate cot rooms are located adjacent to the main play room in which SIDS guidelines for safe sleeping are followed.

Our friendly educators are equipped to support and meet each child’s individual needs. Having reciprocal, strong attachments assists children to feel secure with educators and means educators are able to identify and respond to children’s unique cues and signals. There is no routine in this room as we meet each child’s individual needs and follow through as best we can with their home routine. Educators and parents consistently communicate children’s changing individual routines to ensure consistency between home and the centre. We also have a feeding chair in a quiet place for mothers who wish to continue breastfeeding.

We encourage our families to have input into our program and share their ideas and experiences with the group. Parent’s ideas combined with educators observations and knowledge of child development assist to plan a stimulating, developmentally appropriate program that provides opportunity for children to explore their indoor and outdoor environment.

Educators understand that leaving a young child in care may be an emotional time for some parents and provide comfort and reassurance, particularly during the initial few weeks (or months if need be). Parents are welcome to come in at any time during the day to spend time with their child if they wish.