Our Curriculum: Partnerships with Families

Partnerships with Families

We strive to build and maintain positive relationships with parents and families and work to enable families to feel a sense of community and belonging. Research shows children are much more likely to reach their full potential in life when their family and education and care service work together. These benefits are evident when families and educators exchange information regularly and collaborate on consistent approaches to daily routines, child development and learning.

We have ongoing communication with families in a number of ways including via informal conversations, more formal meetings, email communications, and the sharing of portfolios. We encourage parents to communicate, ask questions and address concerns at any time.

Families are welcome to come in at any time and participate in the program without the need for a formal invitation. We value traditional parent involvement activities such as working bees and social events which are ways of building and extending partnerships. In addition, we have many different kinds of social events at different times such as morning or afternoon teas, a Christmas party, celebrations of cultural and religious events, excursions and incursions.

Having authentic partnerships with families is a crucial part of what we do every day.